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Laws and Regulations

RA 7942               Philippine Mining Act of 1995

RA 7076               An Act Creating a People's Small-Scale Mining Program and for Other Purposes

RA 8371               An Act To Recognize, Protect And Promote The Rights Of Indigenous Cultural Communities/ Indigenous Peoples, Creating A National Commission On Indigenous Peoples, Establishing Implementing Mechanisms, Appropriating Funds Therefore, And For Other Purposes

DAO 2015-7         Mandating Mining Contractors to Secure ISO 14001 Certification

DAO 2015-3         Revised Implementing Rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 7076, Otherwise Known as the "Peoples Small-scale Mining Act 1991

DAO 2015-6         Providing for the Revised Organizational Structure and Functions of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Pursuant to its Approved Rationalization Plan

DAO 2013-11       Procedural Guidelines in the Filing and Processing of Applications for Exploration Permit Pursuant to Executive order No. 79

DAO 2013-10       Increasing Fees for Mining Applications

DAO 2012-7A       Amendment to the DAO 2012-07 or the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Executive order No. 79

DAO 2012-7         IRR of EO 79

DAO 2011-7         Guideline on the Issuance of Certification of Geodetic Control Points

DAO 2010-21       Providing for a Consolidated DAO for the IRR of RA 7942

DAO 2010-13       Amendments to Section 16 (Ancestral Lands) and to Chapter XIV (Development of Mining Communities, Sciences and Mining Technology) of DAO No. 96-40, as Amended, the Revised IRR of RA 7942

DAO 2010-09       Providing for the Classicifcation and Reporting Standards of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves

DAO 2008-20       Issuance of Mineral Ore Export Permit (MOEP) for Transport/ Shipment Outside the Philippines of Mineral Ores, Including Tailings 

DAO 2007-26       Amendment to Section 2 (Transitory Provision) of DAO 2005-07, Amendments to Chapter XVIII of DAO 96-40, as Amended, Providing for the Establishment of a Final Mine Rehabilitation and Decommissioning Fund  

DAO 2007-15       Amendments to DAO 96-40, as Amended, or the "Revised IRR of RA No. 7942

DAO 2007-12       Revised Guidelines Establishing the Fiscal Regime of Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA)