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Sand and Gravel Extraction IEC Continues in Tuguegarao City

Sand and Gravel Extraction IEC Continues in Tuguegarao City


During the conduct of the dialogue, processing of Sand and Gravel permits was briefly explained first and then followed by open forum proper. Worth-noting from one of the meetings is the presentation of Barangay Cataggaman Viejo’s Financial Statement Income and Expenditures where it showed that approximately Php 230,400  was collected from quarry operators for its extraction fees for January-June 2019. They showed how significant this is as it is their largest income generation compared to their other collection on barangay clearances, certification fees and business taxes. Collection from Sand and Gravel comprises 11.56% of their Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) which is Php 1,992,252. Moreover, collection from sand and gravel is not maximized as one of the permit holders has a pending status and if given the go-signal to operate by PLGU-Cagayan, the amount should have reached around Php 400,000 by now.

The dialogue in Cataggaman Viejo was also attended by a group of farmers and expressed their concern on the farm-to-market roads because same road is also used by the quarry operators. All they ask is for these roads to be maintained so they can harmoniously use them for their livelihood. As per dialogue, representative of Siriban Quarry committed to backfill and level the said roads. #bridgetgruiz